Message from the President

Welcome to the BANJ Web page. We are setting up this web page to keep you better informed about the plans and activities of Bangladesh Association of New Jersey, Inc. It is a bridge of communication between BANJ and the community.

BANJ was established in 1995. In this short span BANJ has achieved feat of accomplishment in socio-cultural activities. BANJ members are always willing to extend their hands in the time of crisis. As of recent devastation of Hurricane Sandy in November 2012, BANJ members Ismail and others went to donate food and clothing for the victims of the hurricane. When Bangladesh was ravaged by the brutality of flood, BANJ helped raise fund under the leader ship of past Presidents, Dr.Monowar Hossain , Dr. Rahima Karim  and Dr. Zeenat Nabi in the year of 2004-2005. In 2010, I and other members have raised fund for Haiti victims to Clinton Foundation.

 In 2011 BANJ hosted 25th Annual FOBANA Convention under the efficient leadership of convener Mir Chowdhury, Member Secretary Nahid Chowdhury, Veteran past  FOBANA Chairman Dr. Nuran Nabi, BANJ  founding president Dr. Monowar Hossain, chief coordinator Dr.Zeenat Nabi and Co-convener  Ghulam Faruk Bhuiyan.

 FOBANA convention was possible due to generous donation from BANJ core members Nasreen Suhrawardi, Ghulam Suhrawardi and a .strong dedicated BANJ team.  This 25th FOBANA convention was attended by US Senator Bob Mendez, Congressman Hansen Clark from Michigan, Bangladesh Ambassador Mr. Abul Momen and renowned social and political activist and writer, Dr.Jafar Iqbal. BANJ presented spectacular cultural presentation under the cultural secretary Naznin Hossain. Popular singers like Habib, Ferdous Wahid and Momtaz ornate the cultural events.

BANJ has been committed to have a united Bangladeshi community in New Jersey.

The key objectives of BANJ :

  • Promote Bangla culture and heritage among the new generation of American Bengalis.

  • Improve friendship and interaction among members of Bangladeshi community

  • Advance the welfare of Bangladeshi communities across USA

  • We will reach out to all, regardless of country of origin, religion, race or color.

  • Observe National Days, Amor Ekushey, Mohan Bijoy Dibosh and Shadinotha Dibosh.

  • Involve New Generation for leadership roles

  • Help new generation in learning and writing Bengali through opening a school

  • Teach New Generation of the immense wealth of Literature, poetry and Political background of Bangalees

  • To encourage youths in volunteering at Nursing Homes, Senior Citizen’s center and etc.

  • To establish a Bangladeshi Community Center. It has been long overdue. We will put the seed for the next Presidents to bring it to reality

The torch has been passed on to this new committee of 2013-2014. We will follow the ideology on which BANJ was founded. Our goal for this committee is to bring the community together, so that we can become a force to be reckoned with. We will be focusing mainly in getting our new generation involved. It is our responsibility to make the new generation aware of our cultural heritage, national achievements and sacrifices, the endurance and struggle that Bangladeshis went through to bring forth an Independent Nation on this earth. Let our children know, Bangladesh is that unique country that was born out of the sacrifices for mother language movement and the liberation war of 1971. In 2009 UNESCO recognized ‘Ekushey February” as the “International Mother Language Day”. It is an honor for Bangladeshis and our children should be proud of the sacrifice made by the Language martyr of 21st February 1952.

We will not merely be known as a ‘cultural organization’. We know it is important that we nourish our aesthetic and cultural awareness, but at the same time we are ready to stand by the community, when the community needs us most. In order to achieve our noble goal, we will need support and cooperation and generous donations from the community We must work alongside the mainstream. America has become our home and we have responsibilities and obligation to this great country that we must fulfill.

We have work to do and miles to go. I am fortunate to have a committee of dedicated people with vision, dream and zeal. We will go forward towards our goal with firm and bold steps, hand in hand.

Asif Matin

President, 2023 and 2024

Bangladesh Association of New Jersey, Inc.