Bangladesh Association of New Jersey, Inc. was incorporated as a non-profit organization in the State of New Jersey in January, 1995. It was also approved as a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service *. It is a voluntary and non-political organization exclusively for cultural, educational and charitable purposes. The NJ State Registration Number for BANJ is 0100612917 and the Federal Tax Id is 22-3363001.

New Jersey has a large number of residents of Bangladeshi origin and BANJ was created to meet the needs and aspirations of this community. BANJ is dedicated to promoting the cultural and ethnic heritage of the Bangladeshi community. While there are other Bangladeshi organizations here, BANJ membership includes the broadest distribution of residents across the state.  Every year, it organizes several cultural programs, seminars and an annual picnic to celebrate Bengali heritage and culture, and to improve the communication among the members of the community. BANJ also acts as the representative of the Bangladeshi community of New Jersey to national events such as FOBANA (Forum of Bangladeshi Associations of North America) Conference, Nazrul Sammellon, and other cultural and literary conferences. BANJ has been active in addressing issues in local and national areas. Members of BANJ participate on various local and national forums that serve the interests of Bangladeshi community. It also uses its resources to help important causes such as helping the flood victims of Bangladesh.

Today BANJ is recognized as one of the most vibrant Bangladeshi organizations in USA. Thanks to the members of this organization, a generation of Bangladeshi children grew up here and learned about the history and culture of Bangladesh through their participation in the events organized by BANJ. As a result, they were able to better merge with the mainstream society of USA while maintaining their cultural pride and heritage.

Over the years, BANJ maintained its connections with the leadership of the Bangladesh and USA. The Bangladeshi ambassadors and members of the diplomatic teams in Washington and New York have been frequent participants to our programs. We also hosted key political leaders of New Jersey in our events. BANJ memberships have been playing important roles in US and Bangladeshi political arenas. Many of our members are well recognized for their contributions in business and professional fields.

BANJ hosted FOBANA Convention in 2011 at Meadowlands Exposition Center and our leadership continues to play a key role within the Bangladeshi community in North America.